sed ecommerce





• For more than10 years, we have been investing to support e-retailers by providing innovative solutions tailored to the specificities of this sector.

• Whether e-commerce is for you, your Pure Player core business or a diversification in a multichannel logic, we know how to offer you relevant and effective solutions.

• We deploy tailor-made solutions, at all stages of the service, mechanized installations, an interfaced, available and interactive information system, allowing real-time control.

• If you are involved in sales-to-inventory, the Marketplace or a combination of the above by offering a single cart for your client, we have the know-how
- All type of products (textile, shoes, consumer electronics, cultural products, toys, electrical goods, decoration, furniture, perishable goods, etc.)

• We adapt storage equipment and organisation according to your products
- Width, depth and online catalogue renewal rate, etc.

- Reception, sample management, storage, preparation, packaging, piggyback mailing, management of returns, etc.