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Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) & Sustainable development

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Environmental responsibility is a daily challenge for all SeD Group teams and is guided on the following principles:

- Complying with environmental regulations
Our logistics sites are the subject of prefectural operating authorization decrees, which frame the activities carried out under the ICPE regulations. It is a guarantee for our activities and our customers respect for the environment.

- Optimize the management and recovery of our waste
We develop means and methods to sort and optimize the waste generated by our logistics activities: cardboard, plastic film, pallets, paper, printer cartridges.

- Master the energy
We set up solutions to reduce our energy consumption: insulation of walls and roofs, zoning of lighting and use of low consumption light bulbs, solar cells sensors.

- Develop combined rail-road transport and distribution by clean vehicles
We favor the use of combined rail-road transport for our charter activities. In addition, we offer, for our e-commerce activities, an urban delivery service in electric vehicles

- Master our environmental impact
Transportation activities are monitored and assessed. We favor the use of Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles.

- Guiding our technological choices
Our research topics in the domain at reducing our transportation flows, at decreasing packaging volumes, calibrations and recycling packaging.