sed parcel distribution



For your transport of parcels leaving our logistics warehouses


SeD Group, as a transport organizer has opted to set up an upstream and downstream piloting and monitoring tool :

the TMS (Transport Managing System)


We offer more than 85 carriers, among the most famous, for your needs :

  • Relay package
  • Home delivery with or without signature
  • Express


All over France, Europe and the big export


Upstream :

  • Definition of criteria chosen by the client offering for each order the best carrier according to the couple deadlines and costs
  • EDI and labels specific to each carrier specification
  • Addition and switchover of a carrier highly facilitated


Downstream :

  • Proactive Alerts on Delivery Anomalies
  • Integrated tracking into a unique screen of all flows, on all selected carriers
  • Unique tracking page customized to your brandings and accessible to your customers


Transport / TMS & stream optimization


Exemples of tracking


gestion statut livraisons 

Management of the status of your deliveries



timeline prepa livraison 

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from preparation to delivery