SeD Logistics: 430.000 square meters of warehouse

sed logistque


With more than 50 years of logistical experience, SeD Group develops its know-how in dedicated logistics, pooled or in situ.

The deployed processes allow the reception, the cross-docking, the storage, the preparation of the orders and the shipment of your work units, whatever their type (pallets, parcels, items, lots,...) and are organized in a logical mutualization.

Our workshops carry out operations of delayed differentiation, quality control, co-packing, reception or customers return product compliance.



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Discover our different logistics solutions:


sed fashion

For your Textile, Luxury and Accessories products

- Adapted storage
- Hangering, bagging, folding, etc.
- Management of e-commerce logistics from a single stock
- Mechanisation (sorting machine)


sed ecommerce

For your products dedicated to e-commerce

- Management of sales-to-inventory, private sales or Marketplaces
- All type of products
- Piggyback mailing
- Mechanization (sorting machine)

sed logistique industrie

For your semi-finished or finished products, raw materials and spare parts

- From reception to dispatch
- Efficient stock management
- Co-packing
- Environmental Protection (ICPE)
- Bonded warehouses


sed reverse

For the treatment of your returns

- Control
- Ensure compliance
- Return into stock or shipping
- Mechanization