sed reverse



• With our experience in retail and e-commerce since 2005, we have acquired a know-how in the management of the reverse.

In the e-commerce sector :

Whatever the reason for the reverse (NPAI, commercial agreement, Chatel law reverse, WEEE reverse ...), we bring you adapted solutions and service.
- Quality control of reverse
- Compliance if necessary
- Packaging (covering, bending, packing ...)
- Management of different reverse marketing channels
In the retail sector  :

We manage the shop returns of your old collections, either according to the spring/summer and fall/winter cycles, or throughout the year;
- Reception, control (first choice, second choice, defective ...)
- Sorting according to criteria (reference, color, size, range ...)
- Storage
- Order preparation (during the season or the coming year, for outlets, factory outlets or private sales)



Quality control of reverse

  • Reception and control piece by piece
  • First choice, second choice
  • Recycling, defective
  • Quality test

Sorting product

  • By reference
  • By reference, color, size
  • By range
  • According to commercial groupings


  • Remanufacturing
  • Labelling, antitheft (addition, withdrawal)
  • Batching, batches disassembling
  • Covering, bagging, blistering
  • Folding, bending
  • RFID chipping